About Us

Headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota and established in 2001, KLJ Solutions originated to support KLJ, the company’s first subsidiary and most recognized brand to date.

KLJ Solutions now leads and supports a diverse family of companies. Three subsidiaries comprise KLJ Solutions: KLJ, Progress Solutions and Property Solutions.

Each subsidiary company serves a variety of clients and sets a platform for progressive infrastructure engineering, advanced oilfield operations and innovative property development.

With a goal of creating an environment to drive and nurture the goals and missions of its subsidiary companies, KLJ Solutions provides support services in corporate management, finance, human resources and information technology.

KLJ was the first company, founded in 1938. For more than 75 years, KLJ has provided knowledgeable, experienced support for engineering, planning and building projects of all sizes in a variety of market sectors.

Progress Solutions, established in 2013, provides knowledgeable management and operations for the oil and gas industry. Progress Solutions offers a coordinated approach to pipeline operations and water services with employment opportunities from management to equipment operations.

Property Solutions, formed in 2005, focuses on real estate development opportunities.